In these troubled and uncertain times a lot of us (myself included) are concerned about what the future holds, the health and wellbeing of our loved ones and why is it the sunniest spring on record. Now. Seriously.

One slightly more positive thing that lockdown has given us, is time.

And if there’s one thing the Great British public do well in downtime, it’s drinking.

Another, albeit small positive to come out of this is that local residents are becoming more and more aware of independent artisanal producers in their local area, realising that we don’t need to live in the countryside to get fresh, seasonal veg. It may be that the queue at Waitrose is always an hour long, but seeing the veg markets thriving, bakeries with lines around the street first thing in the morning or having to wait for over an hour to get my Easter lamb from the butcher (it was worth it) really puts everything in a really positive perspective.

Pre lockdown you couldn’t walk into a restaurant or a bar for lunch without being told exactly where their meat comes from, the individual farm and field or the minutiae of their fishing area.This is a good thing, but why don’t we take the same approach when it comes to drinks.

It’s time to drink local.

From the world class Sparkling wines of the south coast to artisan beers brewed on your doorstep. These are the people who need our support more now than ever.

We are spoiled for choice in London, from the myriad of breweries, the Cider makers at Parsons Green to the world class wines coming from underneath the railway arches in battersea from the talented BlackBook Winery. Up the road in Earls Court is the brilliant Roberson Wines. And if you look further a feild Kent and Sussex are now covered in vines, have a look at Sussex Wineries or Kent Vineyards to learn more.

So maybe it’s time to eschew the Stellas and Sauvignon Blancs for now, call or head to a local wine shop and ask about their English Selection, and speak to your local brewery, they would love to hear from you. Whether it’s a sparkling from Sussex or a beer from Brixton.

Get in touch with us and we will make some suggestions of local vinters, small suppliers and hidden gems!

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