Welcome to The Grocery List's Virtual Farmers' Market

Our Story


The Grocery List was born out of a passion for community and good wholesome ingredients. The Grocery List is a curated online marketplace with a traditional start-up flare. We believe that supporting small businesses and independent producers should be easy, plentiful and inspiring.


The Grocery List is a digital tech platform built as a safe community environment for quality local producers offering best-in-class products. We support those suppliers by a combined marketing platform, connecting them with engaged consumers as part of an exclusive online directory and grocery delivery service.


By shopping with The Grocery List, you actively make the choice to vote with your pound to support small local producers within the M25 and beyond. Our community is built on sustainable, personable relationships with our suppliers. After all, It Takes A Village.

Who Are We

Jess Latimer

14 years a Chelsea native, but born in Cape Town in South Africa, Jess is no stranger to the Grocery industry. Growing up, her family business began as a chain of butchers which evolved into supermarkets. She loved going into the stores; knowing the teams and their families, and sneaking behind the counter to help serve Biltong (nominating herself as chief taste tester) was a highlight of her childhood. Her experience of the mechanics and challenges of a family-run fresh produce business has meant the impact felt by local businesses as a result of Covid-19 restrictions has struck a core. Partnering with Amelia in the creation of The Grocery List created a way to support local small businesses working hard in these difficult times and, as we move forward into a new landscape, assisting those suppliers to reach consumers and cater for the need to receive the boxes and deliveries services on an ongoing basis. Jess has plenty of operational experience, a proven business background, entrepreneurial networking ability and an eye for logistics and structure. She is perfectly placed to drive The Grocery List to commercial success.

Amelia Hobson

Amelia has lived in Fulham for the last 10 years. Growing up in East Africa as a gardener’s daughter – sneaking avocados and mangos straight off the tree, and now with a partner working as a Sommelier in London’s restaurant scene (lucky her), she has always been very conscious of the importance of fresh, quality produce. When her partner, Danny, was furloughed following the government edict to close restaurants in London, many of our friends in the business, restaurateurs, suppliers and producers, were determined to adapt but struggling to execute the logistics of that. A passionate cook and a sucker for aesthetics, during the lockdown the simple joy of a fish delivery or a generously verdant box of veg struck her. As did the emotional note of missing regular visits to local delis, grocers and restaurants, all of which are so much part of the South West London community. This made her think about how she could help. Making a vow to reconsider her shopping habits and suspecting that many others would be doing the same, partnering with Jess to create a platform like The Grocery List was a natural progression. Her day job is a Marketing Consultant for the Interiors industry and she brings her skills and experience to The Grocery List, devising strategies and marketing plans to highlight our suppliers’ profile within the community.