As global warming, the threat of extinction of many species and ethical crises reach breaking point, individuals are making changes in their shopping choices. What began as an emotional reaction against the exploitive nature of fast fashion and its impact on the environment is bleeding into all elements of our lives. Most notably in the food we choose to eat and who we choose to buy it from. This emerging new breed of food shopper is conscious, conscientious, and knowledgeable when it comes to what they purchase. Their consumption habits are guided by how a product was made, who made it and where it was sourced.

When big corporations can often be more influential than entire states, consumers are opting to vote with their pounds to put money into the pockets of authentic businesses, reclaim their relationship with food and combat some of the well-known negative effects mass food consumerism is having on the world. This has led to an increasing fervency with buying local. Increasingly, this new consumer is actively seeking out the best natural ingredients their local area has to offer, asking pertinent questions about supply chains and the stories behind the food label. They are even prepared to pay extra for the certainty that what they are feeding themselves and their loved ones is kinder to both humanity and the planet.

The 2020 Conscious Consumer isn’t simply limited to what they consume but also carefully examines where it comes from. With the decline of the UK’s high street and massive dominance of the big five supermarkets, Conscious Consumers are cutting through the noise to support small local businesses that crucially align with their values. Shopping at local grocery businesses allows them to consciously choose to buy products with lower carbon footprints, excellent animal welfare credentials, less chemical processing, unnecessary product packaging and develop a close relationship with those suppliers.

This demand for ethical, environmental, and locally sourced products has been compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic. With the closure of a substantial number of local businesses, many consumers are pledging to consciously change their shopping habits permanently and are seeking out businesses online that champion these values.  Are you a Conscious Consumer searching for a beautifully curated list of suppliers offering delicious, sustainable, and personal products for delivery right to your door? Are you looking to be part of a community that supports your local community? All our hand-picked suppliers at The Grocery List have been waiting for you, browse our ‘Grocery aisles’ to find your fix.

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