FEEL GOOD – SHOP LOCAL with The Grocery List

We have seen that shopping habits are changing; admittedly they were already changing pre C19 but the pandemic has certainly accelerated that change, and it is one of the little positives that will sustain as a result.

Although London has an exceptional food scene, we lacked the appreciation for groceries and delivery services that other major cities had; where it is part of the neighbourhood scenery to see a bike dropping off a brown bag full of fresh fruit and vegetables on a doorstep or to order a beautifully cooked box of freezer meals with carefully chosen and selected ingredients without a ‘mass market/TV dinner feel’.

Vegetable boxes, frozen meals and grocery delivery services were decidedly unexciting- born simply of convenience and acting as secondary citizens in a country where we care enormously about and get excited by food. We think it’s time for that to change and the roots of that change have already sprouted over the Covid-19 Lockdown, where suddenly a fish or vegetable delivery has become the highlight of the day.

When the easy option of the big supermarket deliveries that you could order on the way home from work to have arrive on your doorstep the next day were suddenly bottle-necked by massive demand at the start of lock down, we saw people flail and queue at the supermarket or panic buy goods that we are pretty sure will be gathering dust at the back of the cupboard in a decade (tinned potatoes anyone?). This initial inertia was soon followed by a flurry of new and morphed businesses popping up and suddenly we realised that there were fabulous alternative options out there.  

We had to think about who we were buying from and what they were offering and very quickly we realised that the slight increase in price was reflected in a huge increase in quality and a genuine link back to the supplier which, we think, makes it all taste more like food.

From a supply point of view it supports key industries that are often superseded by imports or cheaper, faster options and helps foster employment opportunities which allow people to become experts in their fields (literally and figuratively).

There is a great sense of satisfaction in supporting local; you put money back into your community, there are reduced carbon footprints and less packaging and preservatives. You take more care when cooking it or enjoying a pre-prepared meal on a carefully set table savoured with a glass of wine. It’s a slower more genuine pace. We have got so used to food as fast fuel and it’s a great pleasure to go back to relishing the experience.

Our suppliers have been carefully curated to help you create and enjoy that experience, browse our ‘Grocery aisles’ to find your fix.

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