Elderflower Tea Pressé Recipe

Elderflower Tea Pressé

We are always looking for ways to be healthier and kinder to our bodies at TGL so it’s fair to say we get very excited when we find a non-alcoholic drink option that is really delicious, full of grown-up flavour and just as exciting as a glass of wine…plus it’s relatively guilt free! 

We love Elderflower; it’s a quintessentially British flavour and there is nothing prettier than hedgerows spilling over with its frothy blossoms in late spring. We collected bushels of those blossoms this year and got to work making our own Elderflower fizz. It’s been maturing for months and has just got to the stage where it is ready to drink. After a quick sample we decided that although it’s lovely and fresh with the softest glitter of bubbles, we wanted to add a more floral fruity depth to give it a more autumnal feel.

The brilliant tea experts at Nazani had already given us the idea of an Elderflower mocktail using their very own wild elderflower tea, handpicked in the pristine high-altitude forests of the Caucasus Mountains, so we thought combining the two might work perfectly. We were right. You may not have your own elderflower fizz maturing in rows under the kitchen table (this year- but we will give you all the tips to make your own next spring) so a dash of cordial in sparkling water works wonders here too.

Recipe for 6-8 glasses


Half a sliced lemon and a handful of fresh mint leaves to garnish.


  1. Place the elderflower into a teapot (with a strainer), cafetiere, or boiling pot
  2. Boil the water and pour into the teapot, cafetiere, or boiling pot
  3. Cover the teapot, cafetiere, or boiling pot and leave to infuse for as long as possible. Overnight infusions of 7-10 hours are encouraged but not necessary, as long as the mixture has cooled down naturally and no ice has been added in the process.
  4. Strain the tea into a large jug, add the cordial and slowly add the sparkling water (it all gets a bit fizzy here). Serve with ice and garnish with mint and lemon slices.

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