A KINDER WAY OF CLEANING with Clean Living International

Over the last few months of living in Lockdown during a pandemic, cleaning has been at the forefront of our minds.  Natural cleaning company, Clean Living International, offers some advice to help keep a healthy home. 

Their CEO, Helen Bee, says “It’s spring – the hopeful season that illuminates all the dust in our homes with light and makes us want to clean. But this spring is unfolding a little differently than we expected and the need to keep homes clean and healthy is more important than ever before
Over the last months, we returned to the bleach bottles to strip every corner of the home and scrub every surface to within an inch of its life. But the environmental impact of doing so needs to be considered, particularly when those products are contained in single-use plastic bottles that will simply be disregarded.

Clean Living minimise single-use plastic waste with their refillable bottles – buy the aluminum spray bottle just once, then refill it with a sachet of concentrated product and water. Order online and they will post refill sachets to your home. It’s much more sustainable and kinder on the environment than single-use plastic bottles of product, plus the refillable bottles are stylish enough to be left out on the kitchen counter.

Their formulations create enzymes that attack dirt deep down where bacteria and viruses breed. They also completely eliminate odours and dissolve grime without the need for harsh chemicals, so you can clean in a healthier way without worrying about indoor air pollution or chemical residue on surfaces.

Working together with The Grocery LIst they have put together a cleaning caddy which offers a complete household solution including some absolutely essential products such as their Biological Multi-Purpose Cleaner, a Dry Carpet Cleaner and an incredible Glass Cleaner Limescale Remover, so you can tick off your entire product list with one click and order yours today.

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