Are you growing chillis on your window sill? Or in a garden pot?

They are the easiest way to add some heat and flavour to a lockdown meal! We love a bottle of chilli oil to have on the kitchen counter – its brilliant for the immune system, brightens up the simplest meal ingredients and is really easy to make.

All you need is oil, dried or fresh chillies, and a glass bottle that can be sealed with a cap of a stopper. If you need help sourcing anything for the recipe, get in touch, that’s what The Grocery List is here for!

Any oil will do, just use whatever you like the teste of, or have to hand! We like classic olive oil or a sesame for a more adventurous take. You can slow-infuse and take endless time over making your oil.

But, right now we are all about immediate gratification! This recipe is fast and easy.

You only need a small quantity of chillies chopped fine, heat the oil in a pan on a low heat and add the chopped chillies. Make sure the pan isn’t too hot or you’ll scorch the oil.

Stir the mixture for a good three minutes before leaving to cool for fifteen minutes. You can sieve the chilli bits out or leave them in depending on your taste.

Decant into your bottle and use liberally on anything you can think of!

We would love to know if you make them, share you pictures with us on instagram @thegrocerylistuk

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