15 things to take away from Plastic Free July

We are passionate about the sustainable and environmental aspects of our business and we ask all our suppliers to work on improving their carbon footprint, the packaging that they use and to strive to ensure that their produce is, as far as possible, sustainable and ethical.

We are really proud to work with brands like Clean Living International who are championing amazing and eco-friendly products. We have been working with them throughout the month as part of Plastic Free July to learn and implement good practices.

So, as we come to the end of the month we thought we would run down some easy ways to use less plastic (and be more environmentally aware altogether). We have put together 15 ways that with minimal effort you can make a huge impact!

1. Bring your own cloth bags to the grocery store, and always have a cloth bag on hand for that last-minute shop. If you use mesh bags you can store the food in them too- they let air through, keeping the food dry and fresh for longer. And Keephas a great selection to get you started.

2. Don’t buy plastic bottles, glass is great and much easier to recycle, plus let’s be honest, somehow it just tastes better in glass.

3. Use a reusable coffee cup or thermos for hot drinks, a take-away cup and lid hangs around for over 100 years, imagine how many get used in a day let alone a year!

4. Farmer’s Markets are brilliant places to get fresh food without the excess packaging. Where you can, don’t buy fast or convenience food in plastic packaging, plan and pre-prepare your meals. Our Grocery Aislesare full of low plastic, fresh and sustainable options to help you on your way.

5. Buy your eggs in recyclable egg boxes not plastic.

6. Buy your bread from the Bakery in brown paper bags or take your own.

7. Don’t forget that if you go to a Deli, Butcher or Cheesemonger you can take your own container for them to use (If you already have Tupperware, then use it. There is no point in wasting what you already have, take care of it and make it last).

8. Butchers and Deli’s are also more likely to have sustainable, ethical and locally sourced products so you can save on food miles, just ask them what’s local. At The Grocery List we work with our suppliers to try and keep the bulk of our fresh produce as local as possible.

9. Use sustainable lunch boxes for the kid’s lunches or as storage boxes in the fridge, Elephant Box have some great options!

10. Use refillable cleaning and beauty products who use sustainable containers, not only is it kinder to the environment but it tends to be kinder on your Skin too. We love Clean Living International, (have you tried their Cleaning Caddy?) and one of our fellow plastic-free July friends, Sister & Company has some lovely friendly skincare options.

11. Buy your coffee granules in a recyclable container, go to refill stores or use recyclable pods for coffee machines. Many places do sustainable subscriptions now so you don’t even have to think about it!

12. Use old cloths and T-shirts as cleaning rags, and ditch the paper towels.

13. Use cloth napkins, they look and feel nice and you can use them over and over (we would go with a nice vibrant pattern if you have kids, or a messy hubby- hides all manner of sins)

14. Use environmentally friendly nappies, there is a great range on the market. Every day a stadium-sized hole is filled with disposable ones and they leach toxins into the environment, it’s a really easy swap, try these from our friends at Tots & Bots.

15. Support Local, smaller local businesses tend to use less plastic and packaging anyway, but try and support the ones who are making a commitment to reducing their packaging and Co2 emissions. We work with all of our suppliers at The Grocery List to help them make their produce more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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